Warrior Queen Annissa Memorial Military Academy

“Our nation has fallen because her leaders failed. Our leaders failed because of their ineptitude. They sat on their plush thrones and grew fat and lazy, wielding authority granted to them by nothing more than a fortunate birth. They knew nothing of the circumstances governing the decisions they made, much less the consequences that would result from them. How many countless thousands of our people have had their blood spilled for no better reason than poor leadership? The unfortunate truth is that we have fallen because we have failed as a nation to prove ourselves worthy to maintain our position in this world – and the problem begins at the top. This shall never happen again, or I will take it upon myself to raze this nation past the ground and straight into the Underdark that so desperately claws its way up from beneath us to to claim it.”

- Warrior Queen Anais I, to the newly installed government of Imaran, year one of the Age of Rebirth calendar

Warrior Queen Annissa Memorial Military Academy (commonly referred to simply as Annissa Memorial) is Imaran’s oldest and most prestigious institute of learning. Originally built to instruct future leaders of the nation, its function was expanded in year fourteen of the Age of Information calendar to accommodate the need to train those willing to explore the new world that had been rebuilt during the Age of Rebirth following The Eminence Wars.


Its foundation was demanded by the people of Imaran following the coronation speech made by Lady Anais, the second Warrior Queen of Imaran. It was during this speech that Lady Anais made several shocking statements about the current state of the nation, which at that time had been destroyed by Nasya in The Eminence Wars and was a mere shell of its former self. Among those statements was a demand for a change in leadership of the nation, lest it simply fall again as a result of failing to learn from its mistakes. Her belief was that it was the leaders of the nation that were responsible for its successes and failures, and until that point, Imaran “never stood a fair chance of survival,” as the nation had been ruled by a monarchy that had, over the centuries, grown “fat and lazy, wielding authority granted to them by nothing more than a fortunate birth.”

Lady Anais believed that the leaders of Imaran should be chosen only after proving their worth to the people. Following this speech, the citizens demanded exactly that – a system of determining which candidates were most worthy to receive positions of leadership in the government. The Mountainbreaker Trials were born as a result of this, and immediately following was the demand for an institute in which future leaders could be trained from an early age, giving birth to a small government-funded school that would eventually become the birthplace of the careers of nearly every appointed official in Imaran’s history since. By order of Lady Anais, The institute was named after Lady Annissa, the first elected official to be granted the title of Warrior Queen.


By order of Lady Anais I, the entrance requirements of Annissa Memorial are set to ensure that any citizen of Imaran has a fair chance to graduate, regardless of financial status or social standing. This demand was made as an homage to the origins of Lady Annissa, who achieved her position as the highest ranking member of government outside of royalty purely through her efforts, coming from a modest beginning.

Applicants may join at any age, although the requirements may change. Applicants under the age of 16 years must be currently enrolled in a school within Imaran or be able to furnish proof of enrollment in a school abroad. Any applicants over the age of 16 must be able to furnish proof of completion of an educational program (as defined by Imaran’s Education Council). After meeting these requirements, all applicants will be investigated and, pending a satisfactory result, interviewed by a member of Annissa Memorial’s admissions department. Following this interview, applicants will be permitted to take part in The Trials of Ascension, the three-part examination required for final admission into the academy. Though students are allowed to furnish their own equipment, enrollment in the academy is funded entirely by the state, and all required materials will be provided for all students, if desired.

Courses of Study

The curriculum in place consists primarily of two parts – education and warfare. All graduates will be fully versed in the ways of both leadership and warfare, capable of leading their people from anywhere the situation demands, from the council room to the front lines. The specific lesson plans used to educate students are determined by their chosen professions. Students are advised to speak with counselors if having difficulty in their chosen fields or having difficulty settling on a long-term goal.

The addition of facilities for the training of adventurers adds new fields of study not previously employed, such as wilderness survival and ancient mythology, which are available to all students but required only for those seeking an exploration license. While fundamentally the same as all other courses of study, these subtle differences change planned lessons enough that those wishing to receive an exploration license must state this as a long-term goal when applying.

Warrior Queen Annissa Memorial Military Academy

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