The City of Brass

Type: Elemental realm.

Size and Shape: Walled metropolis surrounded by a sea of fire; bounded.

Gravity: Elemental buoyancy.

Mutability: Normal.

Fire Affinity: Attacks with the fire keyword gain a +1 bonus to the attack roll, and attacks with the cold keyword deal half damage (ongoing cold damage is not affected).

Population: Approximately 500,000. Efreets form the upper class of the city, with only a handful of disgraced members standing outside the noble caste. Other residents include salamanders, archons, azers, genasi, fire giants and titans, demons, and other intelligent elemental creatures, as well as a smaller number of visitors and immigrants from the natural world. Roughly two-thirds of the city’s residents are slaves.

Government: Bashamgurda is the Lord of the Efreets, ruling the city from his Charcoal Palace.

Defense: An entire caste of slaves are born and raised as soldiers to defend the City of Brass against incursion from the wilder Elemental Chaos and the Abyss. These include archons, azers, and salamanders. A corps of fanatical efreet warriors called the Unquenchable patrol the Charcoal Palace. The city guard, housed in the Ashlarks district, consists primarily of archon and salamander soldiers.

Inns and Taverns: The best place for visitors to find food or lodging is the district of Iskalat, near the city’s harbor. The inns and taverns ringing the harbor cater to travelers from across the Elemental Chaos and other planes beyond. Guests are advised to keep a close eye on their valuables and be wary of con artists, but little risk of death or enslavement exists.

Supplies: Commoner’s Market; Street of Steel in the keffinspires; marlgate warehouses; Pyraculum bazaar. Anything can be bought in the City of Brass. The Commoner’s Market in the district of Avencina is an ideal place to secure both ordinary and exotic goods of a nonmagical nature. the keffinspires district is home to most of the city’s smiths, who make and sell magical and mundane items, including weapons and armor. The warehouses of the Marlgate district hold goods brought from across the planes for trade in the city, and the bazaars of Pyraculum offer the greatest diversity of high quality goods.

Temples: The City of Brass is hostile to worshippers of the deities, and holds no public temples to any gods. The primordial known as the Fire Lord, Imix, has an opulent temple in the Furnace called the Eternal Flame Pavilion. Residents of thecity are strongly encouraged to offer praise and gratitude to the lord of the Charcoal Palace in large shrines located in each district.

The City of Brass

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