Imaran, The Ancient City

The Natural World’s oldest known settlement, Imaran is a city founded millennia ago that eventually became what is believed to be the world’s first kingdom. Today, the city exists as one of the world’s city-states, and arguably the world’s strongest superpower. The city sits settled in the center of the northern continent, with several other settlements, mostly along the southern coastline.

Population: Approximately 408 million. The city itself only contains roughly 250 million, with the remainder of the population living either on the outskirts of the city’s boundaries or other territories. Imaran is known for its diverse population, with every known race being represented in some capacity.

Government: The city is ruled by a parliament-styled legislature. The current prime minister is Warrior Queen Razi.

Defense: The defense of Imaran is essentially split between two groups. The military defends the country from outside threats, directly handling all international matters from overseas aid to transporting foreign dignitaries. The city itself is defended by a paramilitary group known as The Night Watch who govern each district’s police force as well as coordinate with the military to keep the threats outside of the city walls to a minimum. They have a reputation of ferocity, being described as everything from relentless to bloodthirsty. While police are adept at keeping order, the appearance of a member of The Night Watch never fails to bring immediate silence, followed by a vacating of the area.

Inns and Taverns: Each district has a multitude of inns and taverns, but the most easily recognized is Guinevere’s Rest, a world-famous resting place for travelers in Noach, a relatively poor district on the outskirts of the city that leads to the eastern gates. It stands tall, a ten-story hotel and resort built of white stone that towers over the many smaller buildings around it. Visitors flock to it in spite of being in a slightly run-down and dangerous part of town. Despite numerous offers of space to rebuild in the wealthier districts, the management has remained inexplicably adamant about remaining in Noach throughout the years. It is believed that the resort is built on what was once a site of a great historical battle, although this has not been confirmed by Imaran’s historical society.

Supplies: There is virtually nothing in the natural world that can be traded legally that can’t be found in Imaran’s markets in some capacity. In spite of the strict restrictions on international trade, Imaran is known for having access to more foreign goods than any other nation.

Temples: While Imaran tolerates worship of most good and neutral deities and their temples, their influence in the city is minimal. With the return of magic to the world, faith in the deities and the power they grant their followers has also increased in recent years. However, unlike arcane magic that can be scientifically explained, divine magic requires a fair amount of faith, which causes many of the citizens of Imaran to look at them as fanatics.


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