Kie Rinnetensei

A swish of silk, the scent of lavender and the burn of flames



Virtually nothing is known about the eladrin outside of her appearance. Wherever she comes from, she looks as though she’s well cared-for, always dressed in expensive silk skirts, blouses and dresses. Even the parasol she carries appears to have designer origin. In spite of this, she is almost always found alone, the only company she ever shares being that of the squad to which she was assigned. Her appearance can be off-putting, always dressed in black and wearing a grim expression on an otherwise lovely face, and as far as anyone can tell, she’s entirely mute. Her own teammates wouldn’t even know her name were it not for instructors reading it from her student registry information. She never has any thought or opinion to express, and seems to be either entirely uninterested or unaware of the things going on around her most of the time.

Recently, in an unusual turn of events during a mission, Kie found herself both speaking and expressing emotion publicly for the first time. When the group met their contact Sima in the tunnels beneath the research facility they were sent to investigate, in an inexplicable fit of rage she threw herself at Sima on mention of an alliance with Orcus. Content Not Found: ori-anna managed to quickly restrain her, but in the struggle her dress ripped and revealed a pendant hanging from a chain around her neck fashioned into an unusual symbol that none but Olive seemed to recognize. In another inexplicable outburst, another struggle broke out between herself and Olive with Olive exhibiting an entirely uncharacteristic show of rage and hatred. It is not yet apparent what has happened, and neither Kie nor Olive seem to have an interest in elaborating on the matter, each seeming to have decided to agree to be satisfied with ignoring each other.

Kie Rinnetensei

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