The Assigning

The first day at the academy

The party’s first day at the academy consisted mainly of testing – written exams, oral exams, a short interview and, finally, a practical examination that pitted team members against each other in a series of matches. While it remains unclear exactly how they were being graded, it would seem that they all passed in spite of some unusual circumstances. Most of the party competed admirably, but Olive immediately surrendered at the beginning of her match, and Salvatore was seen blatantly sabotaging his opponent’s weapon. In spite of this, all were passed and assigned to the same squad, all being placed under the command of Sgt. Kasim and granted the rank of Private, with the exception of Ankh and Salvatore, who were immediately promoted to Private First Class. While Kasim is officially the leader of their squad, both Ankh and Salvatore share a role of second-in-command, each of them being charged with the leadership of the group in the event of the Sergeant’s absence.

At the completion of their first semester, Sgt. Kasim has volunteered the group for a Rank 3 mission, to investigate a sudden communication failure with a scientific research outpost. Their orders are specific – observe the situation and report back to the academy and await further instructions.



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